Beliefs About English and Writing Education

Every student is a reader. Every student is writer.

English education is for all students, regardless of cultural and socio-economical background, and imparts literacy to the next generation which is a human right for all people. By learning clear, respectful, and constructive language in the English classroom, students acquire the tools to share their worldviews with their peers and create a safe environment with equality at the center.

The language arts classroom has the potential to lead students towards meaningful reflection.

English education connects students to the human spirit through universals – metaphysical and existential – in human thought and reflection that are common between cultures and across the span of history. English education empowers students to speak out about injustices and values each individual’s experiences. Language in this way is a vehicle for change and healing as adolescents navigate a stressful period of their lives.

The language arts, including reading, writing, and speaking, are essential components of thinking.

English education teaches precision of thought and critical thinking through the act of writing. Students come in contact with various forms of text and are surrounded by arguments. English education teaches students to critically analyze sources in a variety of mediums through research and academic writing.

Developing student writing and speaking skills strengthens us as a democratic nation.

English education gives students the tools for peace making by changing mindsets and defying culture norms through writing. English education teaches essential skills for a student’s full participation in society, digital and physical. Language arts education therefore is morally essential to sustaining a peaceful, functional democracy.

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