Hats, hats, and more hats…

Fall decided to show up this weekend and brought slightly cooler weather with it! Although it has been hot this August I crocheted up a storm through it all. I had foot surgery early this month so being cooped up and catching up on my anime watching meant lots of time to crochet winter gifts before school.

The photo on the left is a picture of my first big beanie. I began with a pattern but quickly found that it wasn’t working for me so I finished it off in my own way. The hat is double crochet in the round, front loops only, finished with a single crochet band after decreasing significantly so it is tight around the forehead. I’m not sure if it was because my stitches are loose or if I chose a different weight of yarn, but my gauge was waaaaay off from the pattern. I can’t complain though because it turned out to be super cute!

The next two pictures are of a grey hat from the same basic worsted yarn. I decided to stick with my favorite basic stitch, single crochet. I achieve the cool “ribbing” look that knit often has by only inserting my hook into the front loops. Although I am particularly fond of crochet in the round, I kept it simple by creating a simple rectangle. I can vary the size by making a thinner rectangle (controlling the depth of the hat) – this hat is definitely a largish adult size with the width of the rectangle at about 35 stitches.

After I finish the rectangle body of the hat I flip it inside out (although there really is not a right side with this stitch) and I do two things: 1) I back sew like you would with embroidery the last row of my rectangle to the first. I like to back sew (not even sure if that is the correct name for it) just so that it is a really tight and sturdy stitch; 2) I loosely sew with a tapestry needle back and forth, then pull and tie to gather the top of the hat to a close. I then flip the hat back right-side out. I make the band by inserting single crochet stitches along the bottom of the hat. To create a different texture than the hat’s body I single crochet going through both loops. The one exception to this is that in the second row I like to single crochet through the back loop because it creates a little line that makes the band fold nice and flush to the forehead. I then eyeball the width of the band depending on the size of the hat so it reaches about a 1/4 of the way up.

Lastly I make the pom-pom: the pom-pom for this size hat needs to be very large! The first one I made looked hilarious because it was so dinky. The thicker the pom the better. Also, the shorter you are willing to cut and more that you shape it (although it is messy and takes time) the more professional the pom will look. I am usually covered in fuzz and yarn bits by the end. Sharp scissors are key.

I will keep sharing my creations from this month as I am able to take more pictures! This pattern is so easy it only takes me a few hours to make…a great option for quick Christmas gifts this season. I’m thinking about creating an Etsy and selling these maybe next year – why not?

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